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Industrial Motherboard & PC

faytech´s EPIC Mainboard FT2X7410M

Together with the industrial division of ASUS, faytech developed its first own industrial mainboard which sets new standards for industrial mainboards 2013.

faytech´s industrial mainboard FT2X7410 combines the best of several worlds and developing partners. The powerful but energy saving Intel Dual Atom Core N2600/N2800 is combined with the fast AMD graphic chipset HD7410M, enriched with BIOS energy saving settings. That combination allows industrial fanless devices which are in both ways powerful – in the Core CPU as well as in the graphic chipset with the support of DirectX 11.1. More important, because of that combination, there is a huge driver support ranging from WinXP to Win8, Linux, as well as 32Bit and 64Bit systems.

The industrial mainboard follows the EPIC-form factor and is enriched with unique features like PCIeX1-straddle connection, 2x Mini-PCIe-Card Slots, SIM-slot, 2x GBit-Lan ports, HDMI, VGA, LVDS, SPDIF, Audio, Speaker and USB, RS232 as well as RS485 connections.

faytech´s industrial mainboard FT2X7410 is the perfect fit for industrial PC-devices 2013. Combining faytech´s rich industrial touch devices experience with ASUS´s globally recognized PC-mainboard design capabilities, the new industrial mainboard is one of the most interesting solutions for the industrial PC-market 2013. Powerful but energy saving, small but rich equipped, plus a wide operation system support and long term availability.

faytech´s FT2X7410M mainboard is the standard mainboard used in faytech´s reliable Touchscreen PCs.

Standard model (article number; description):

  • FT267410M; Intel ATOM N2600 CPU, AMD 7410M GPU

Additional models available:

  • FT287410M; Intel ATOM N2800 CPU, AMD 7410M GPU
  • FT2600; Intel ATOM N2600 CPU, GMA 3600 GPU
  • FT2800; Intel ATOM N2800 CPU, GMA 3650 GPU

Click here to download the data sheet of Industrial Motherboard

faytech´s Industrial PC

The industrial PC was developed specially for use in the POS area. Its super slim design and with its VESA-100 holes on the front and a VESA-100 mount on the back it can be installed between an existing (Touch) Monitor (frontside) and swivel arm or pedestal (backside)-ideal to upgrade Touch Monitors to Touch PCs.

Due to the robust aluminum housing, the additional screwed power plug and the lack of moving parts, the Touch-PCs are suitable even for use in machineries where permanently vibration exits.


  • High-quality, sturdy aluminum housing
  • Out of the box working X86 architecture, Linux operating system pre-installed
  • Consumer and industrial interfaces (USB 2.0, RS232, RS485)
  • 2x 10/100/1000 Mbps network ports, Wi-Fi (a, b, g, n) integrated
  • HDMI, VGA and LVDS connector for video output
  • Audio amplifier with 2x2W speakers
  • Additional screwed power plug, no moving parts
  • VESA 100 bracket for mounting

Standard model (article number; description):

  • FTIPC267410M; Intel ATOM N2600 CPU, AMD 7410M GPU

Additional models available:

  • FTIPC287410M; Intel ATOM N2800 CPU, AMD 7410M GP
  • FTIPC2600; Intel ATOM N2600 CPU, GMA 3600 GPU
  • FTIPC2800; Intel ATOM N2800 CPU, GMA 3650 GPU

Click here to download the data sheet of Industrial PC