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Expansion of our Touch-PC Product Portfolio, Mainboard and CPU Information

Faytech is expanding its standard product portfolio with the following mainboard types that will be available for faytech's 8" to 55" Touch-PC series:

  • FT287410M mainboard: Intel Atom N2800 CPU with a AMD Radeon HD7410M Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
  • FT2600 mainboard: Intel Atom N2600 CPU
  • FT2800 mainboard: Intel Atom N2800 CPU

The FT267410M mainboard with the Intel Atom N2600 CPU and the AMD Radeon HD7410M GPU still remains faytech's standard model. In faytech's opinion, no other industrial mainboard consolidates performance, universal driver support and low power consumption i.e. low thermal build-up as this model.

To support you with your sales and acquisitions, we would like to present you in the following, the advantages as well as differences between each of the individual solutions at your disposal. The benchmark results and conclusions in reference to performance and driver support are widely accepted.

Compatibility and Benchmarks Comparisons

In the case that you decide to pick the favorably priced N2600/N2800 solutions without the AMD graphics processing unit, be aware to take into account the limited driver support and constrained Windows 8 backing. The graphic solutions applied by the N2600 and N2800 Intel Atom series do NOT officially support Windows 8. Because of this fact, we advocate the use of the N2600/N2800 WITHOUT AMD7410M GPUs solely for a business project of large-scale production where the possibility of a later operating system update is excluded from the beginning.

faytech's N270 Touch-PCs is continuously placed at last performance wise. The time simply had been overdue to replace this ATOM-Processor introduced by Intel in 2008. We are still producing this series ourselves for our die-hard N270 project customers/MOQ of 150 units.

The N2600 and N2800 models are ranked considerably better. As a result of Microsoft's lack of support for Windows 8 and the weak graphic performance, we recommend these models for exactly defined projects as a low-priced alternative. At this point you should discuss with us all your project needs.

The AMD Radeon HD7410 graphics processing unit shows impressive proof of its performance. This GPU supports the ATOM-CPU with calculating operations, so that faytech's FT267410M solution even at purely computational intensive tasks is frequently already faster than the model FT2800 with the standard GMA3650 GPU from Intel. When running challenging 3D-applications, the models with the AMD Radeon HD7410M GPU are up to eight times faster than the pure Intel ATOM N2600 and N2800 solutions, as far as the graphic tests can be executed at all because of the lack of support of the integrated graphic Intel GMA3600 and 3650 with the Intel ATOM N2600 and N2800 systems respectively.

For this reason, faytech recommends to its industrial customers faytech's FT267410M mainboard, which is the standard version built in all of faytech's touch PCs from 8" to 19". faytech´s mainboard FT287410M is the right alternative for industrial customers who need 4 GB RAM.

Availability Information

All models are immediately in stock and available for large scale production.

New BIOS- and OS-Versions for faytech's FT267410 Mainboard

Effective immediately, faytech makes available at its website all new BIOS versions for its FT267410M mainboard for download. Each BIOS version listed contains a pre-configured Resolution value supporting LVDS 18bit, 24bit and 48bit and ranging from 800x480 to 1920x1080.

Similarly, the operating system portfolio has been expanded to include Windows 7 embedded with SP1. This way, faytech can provide its industrial project customers practically every major current operating system - whether Windows or Linux - as an image at their disposal.

For relevant illustrations, please follow the link.

faytech's new stand

2010 faytech revolutionized the stand design for small touch screens with the FTV75PSF. For the first time there was an inexpensive but sturdy, flexible stand, the perfect match for faytech's 7" to 10" Touch Monitor series or small (touch) systems up to 3kg total weight and VESA-75 fixations.

2013 the big brother FTV100SF arrives on the market, again with unique features and elegant design. The most important feature: the stand is highly stable. Nothing shakes or vibrates when the touch is used, even on heavy touch PCs up to 10kg.

The massive metal pedestal FTV100SF is highly flexible, the combined VESA75/100-holding swings about 100°, due to the three-parts design and numerous fixing holes the stand can be fixed with or without the base plate on the table or even to the wall.

On the back of the metal stand FTV100SF are three mounting fixtures for faytech's 7" to 10" Touch Monitor Series which act at the same time as the inner cable fixation. Combine one of faytech´s touch PCs with one of faytech´s 7" to 10" Touch Monitors and realize an interactive advertising display system at the point of sale (POS). Combine cost-effective, reliable and innovative e.g. faytech´s 15" Touchscreen PC FT15267410MW2G60G with faytech´s Touchscreen Monitor FT10TMB and the stand FTV100SF.

faytech´s patented design makes the FTV100SF in combination with faytech's Touch Monitor Series FT15TM to FT22TM and faytech's Touch PC series FT08267410M to FT19267410M the ideal solution for industrial customers and business customers who value reliable, stable quality.

faytech's elegant and highly stable stand can be ordered individually or in attractively priced bundle with faytech's Touch Monitor Series or Touch PC series, the stand is now worldwide available.

Product Information:

Name: faytech metal stand VESA75/100

Item No.: FTV100SF

EAN-Code: 6920734093106

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faytech´s updated Industrial PC and new Touch Controller

faytech's actualized industrial PC is in stock in Germany - with unique features! The system is powerful by faytech's industrial motherboard FT267410M, flat, robust and easy expendable. The small, fanless and high-performance system with dual-core Atom N2600 CPU and AMD HD7410M graphics chip with its own dedicated 512Mbyte graphics memory can be easily expanded using standard PCIeX1 cards due to its PCIeX1 straddle connector. Simply open the screws of the small cover on the right side of the case and plug in your industry PCIeX1 add-on card into the available slot.

Feel free to ask for a design for a suitable housing of the extension card (see examples on our product webpage).Together with the programmable 8-bit Digital I/O (4-in/4-out) GPIO (example source code for the programming is available), you can configure and adapt faytech´s industrial PCs perfectly for your own needs – for 32bit and 64bit operating systems. For more information see our website.

Since May 2013, all faytech Touch products with resistive touch technology are equipped with the new MER4485 Touch Controller from EETI. The successor to the previously used ETR4000 driver is fully software compatible with its predecessor, but has many advantages. Windows 8 supports now touch inputs already from the log-in screen on, the in Windows 7 and Windows 8 integrated wiper and gesture recognition is supported with the new MER4485 chip, the Android operation system is supported by the new chipset. Furthermore, the firmware can be updated and customized. faytech is one of a few manufacturers that offers such comprehensive driver support for its resistive touch products range. Just look for faytechs EAN number 69207340 if you want to be sure to have the new touch controller integrated.