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VESA Stands

Faytech VESA Stands are designed specifically for touchscreens, the stand base sets standards in terms of flexibility and stability. Faytech's elegant and highly stable stand can be ordered individually or in attractively priced bundle with faytech's Touch Monitor Series or Touch PC series.

VESA-75 Stand

Faytech FTV75PSF stand for 7"-12.1" Touchscreen Monitors

Designed specifically for touch screens the stand base sets standards in terms of flexibility and stability.

The stand base can be easily adjusted in four levels. Touch screens are connected via the VESA-75 bracket. By holes on the pedestal base and on the two sides, the stand can be firmly fixed and installed. On the backside, cables can be easily fixed.

The metal-reinforced plastic construction ensures an absolutely secure hold of the connected touch monitor. Thus, the stand base is in conjunction with a faytech touch monitor ideal for use in many application areas such as home automation, industrial area, in machine control, the digital signage field, or telematics.

Specification VESA-75
Faytech Product Name FTV75PSF Stand
Data Sheet View
Colour Black
Weight (Kg) 0.50
Measurements (mm)  
Base Plate 130 x 150 x 15.5
Arm 80 x 25.5 x 142
VESA-75 Plate 90 x 90 x 8
Load Capacity (Kg) 2
Material Metal-reinforced plastic
VESA Fixation VESA-75
Stand Fixation Via 4 screws on bottom or on each side 2
Included in package N/A
Article-number/ EAN-code FTV75PSF / 6920734091119
VESA-100 Stand

Faytech's new stand FTV100SF

2010 faytech revolutionized the stand design for small touch screens with the FTV75PSF. For the first time there was an inexpensive but sturdy, flexible stand, the perfect match for faytech's 7" to 10" Touch Monitor series or small (touch) systems up to 3kg total weight and VESA-75 fixations.

2013 the big brother FTV100SF arrives on the market, again with unique features and elegant design. The most important feature: the stand is highly stable. Nothing shakes or vibrates when the touch is used, even on heavy touch PCs up to 10kg.

The massive metal pedestal FTV100SF is highly flexible, the combined VESA75/100-holding swings about 100°, due to the three-parts design and numerous fixing holes the stand can be fixed with or without the base plate on the table or even to the wall.

On the back of the metal stand FTV100SF are three mounting fixtures for faytech's 7" to 10" Touch Monitor Series which act at the same time as the inner cable fixation. Combine one of faytech´s touch PCs with one of faytech´s 7" to 10" Touch Monitors and realize an interactive advertising display system at the point of sale (POS). Combine cost-effective, reliable and innovative e.g. faytech´s 15" Touchscreen PC FT15267410MW2G60G with faytech´s Touchscreen Monitor FT10TMB and the stand FTV100SF.

faytech´s patented design makes the FTV100SF in combination with faytech's Touch Monitor Series FT15TM to FT22TM and faytech's Touch PC series FT08267410M to FT19267410M the ideal solution for industrial customers and business customers who value reliable, stable quality.

Specification VESA-100
Faytech Product Name FTV100SF Stand
Data Sheet View
Colour Black
Weight (Kg) 1.50
Measurements (mm)  
Base Plate 166 x 206 x 7
Arm 94 x 90 x 210.6
VESA-100 Plate 120 x 120 x 4
Load Capacity (Kg) 10
Material Metal
VESA Fixation VESA-100
Stand Fixation Via 4 screws on bottom
Included in package VESA-100 Bbracket, Top Cover, Monitor Joint, Bottom Carrier, Side Cover, Fixation Screw, Wingnut, Gear Wheel, Bottom Plate, Metal Plates
Article-number/ EAN-code FTV100SF / 6920734093106